One of the first few occasions I spent time with my dear friend Suze, she invited me to Kauai with her. Yes, Kauai. Who does that? Suze, apparently. Love her.

Fast forward five months, and we were on a plane to the Garden Isle for her five day practicum with the Northwest School of Animal Massage. 

It was...magical. 

Dreams, part 2

So much has changed (for the good) since my last post. Declaring an intention to the world -- even if you think no one is listening -- is a powerful thing. When I said I was going to follow my dreams, I had no idea that I'd actually do it.  Here was my wishlist six months ago:

  • Working from home/making my own schedule
  • More involvement with horses/have my own
  • Travel at least four times a year (internationally is a plus)
  • Freedom to take a day off whenever I want and/or not WANTING to take the day off/loving my work

And here's where I'm at today:

  • Quit my job, and am LOVING working from home.
  • Bought a horse (!) who is absolutely wonderful.
  • Went to Maui in October and Kauai in November; I'll need to add two more destinations to my list this year to get up to four...
  • See my first point above. :)

Thank you, life. You're pretty awesome. I can't wait to see where we're at six months from now.




I'm speaking (writing?) this for the world to see. I'm following my dreams, starting now.

Wish me luck.