Hey there, I'm Reema.


Who I Am.

I'm a deep thinker, detail freak, and problem solver. I've worked for Fortune 500 companies and virtual startups alike. Most times I gravitate towards a Product or Project Manager role at the company I'm working with, and at any given time have ten plus lists going in my head (or one of my multiple notebooks).

In my mind, there's nothing better than streamlining a process that is functioning below optimal efficiency.  

On the marketing side of things, I love working with companies and individuals that believe in the value of a flawlessly executed marketing campaign, but without the "snake oil salesman" mentality. I will never be cool with tricking consumers into buying a product or following a brand.

In its best incarnation, I believe marketing is a tool to first help your tribe find you,
and then it's your job to keep them coming back with an excellent customer experience. 

Aside from my Product Management and Marketing experience, I am truly a swiss army knife and above all else I love the learning process, which means I end up spinning many different plates while working with a company at any given time. 

In summary, I get sh*t done.  

What I Do.

Product Management

I help shape products into the best they can be with my extensive marketing, branding, and UX expertise.

Digital Marketing + Brand Strategy

I send the right message to the right people at exactly the moment they are ready to hear it.

Design Thinking

I use a systematic approach to solve problems for REAL human beings.

What People Say About Me.

No task was too small - she would open up photoshop to make a quick correction, write up internal and external SOPs, and problem solve and execute on multiple tasks simultaneously. Reema maintains a calmness that provides backbone so that when she speaks, everyone takes her point of view seriously. 

- Amy Bates | Former Head of Global Operations, Amazon Publishing


In a word, Reema is f***ing awesome. She is lucid and SMART and organized,
and she has a depth of commitment to make quality.

Danielle LaPorte | Founder and Creative Director, Danielle LaPorte, Inc.

Words I Live By.
(Because Life is Short)

Integrity is a Real Thing.

I do what I say I'm going to do. Or provide a better solution
if I can't deliver on the original promise. 

Checklists Make Life Better.

I automate where possible but never underestimate the importance
of the human eye in a manual process. 

The No Assholes Rule Really Matters.

In work and life, I want to surround myself with people who love what they are
working towards, and don't take themselves too seriously along the way.